Heat Sealable Packaging

Simple heat-sealable packaging can significantly extend the life of your produce to THREE days (storage temperature and contents permitting). The benefit of a standard heat-sealing set-up is the the considerably lower start up cost. The ColSeal MAXI sealer is a great starting point for most small commercial sandwich bars, delis and sandwich truck operators. M.A.P can go much further and even tipple some product to 9/10 days but is much more expensive to set up and operate with so many factors affecting the life of your products when stretching use by dates.

WRAP research has shown that extending product life by just one day could save 250,000 tonnes of food waste in the UK annually so the impact of this is staggering.

Other Heat Seal Packs

Sandwich Wedge 68/56

Sandwich Wedge 77/65

Sandwich Wedge 78/68