Specialist Food2Go Packaging

Welcome to the home of WholesaleOnline - We help food manufactures and takeaway vendors maximise the saleability of their products.  Sustainable & recyclable packaging that resonates with your customers higher values, helps make you and your products more attractive. As a specialist food-to-go packaging reseller we're fast becoming the preferred supplier for sustainable and recyclable hot/cold food packaging to Food2Go retailers, cafes, sandwich shops and mobile food delivery vans. Please visit our loyalty and referral page for details on our money saving loyalty schemes that are available to all.

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We offer some of the most popular recyclable Food2Go packaging for a wide range of hot or cold products, designed to be keep your food fresh until sold and then pleasant to consume. Food2Go generally relates to products normally consumed off-site. Speak to our professional & friendly staff, who will be happy to assist you with any products that we sell. We can offer sample quantities for you to try before committing to whole cases of product.