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Did you know that the type of sandwich packaging you use dramatically affects the sales life of your products? Card and plastic sandwich wedges are probably the most common sandwich packaging for display purposes. Less common are the rectangular sandwich boxes with a film front and they are also suitable for display purposes. Most of these box style products are classified as 'short shelf life' which means any un-sold sandwiches are always wasted at the end of the day. By selecting a sealable sandwich box or bag that offers you double the shelf life, any unsold products today are still fit for purpose the following day. It allows you to get ahead and produce fresh sandwiches in advance with the knowledge that they will be fresh and saleable when required. For additional shelf life you might like to check out the Heat Sealable Range of our sandwich and wrap packaging..

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The cost saving to you in the long run can be significant. I should mention here too that no special equipment is required, you just need to select a sealable sandwich box that states 'longer shelf life' in the packaging description. Easier to fill & seal with a longer shelf life. what's not to like? Sandwich window bags are a great alternative to sandwiches boxes if you are making your sandwiches to order with the customer present. Some sandwich bags are also sealable giving you a tamper proof finish. When browsing our products you will see that some packaging products state 'Clasp SEAL' which boast extended shelf life, but these sealable sandwich bags do require an 'Impulse Clamp Sealer', this electrical desk-top sealer is a simple to use, cost effective solution. If you would like free samples of our sealable sandwich packaging and see for yourself that you can achieve a fresher finished product, please let us know.