Platter Delivery Boxes

Platter boxes are an ideal solution for delivering high quality sandwiches and afternoon teas. Using Platter box inserts you are able to create individual graze boxes with a range of sweet and savoury items. We offer platter boxes in medium and large sizes with a range of suitable inserts. The platter box sleeves or lids are sold separately to the bases. There is quite a choice of platter boxes so please do request your free samples using the above link if you are unsure. 

It's no secret that people eat with their eyes before ever putting your food in their mouth. Creating quality sandwiches, cutting them into quarters and then delivering them to your client can be an arduous task. Selecting the appropriate container for your food platters is critical to your future business in this arena. Colpac have you covered with their sturdy platter boxes that enable you to deliver a whole host of sandwiches, wraps, bagels and accompaniments in great condition, the platter boxes are also recyclable and sustainable. The smaller medium boxes are a great environmentally friendly solution for sweet or savoury graze boxes too.

Combination Platter Boxes

Large Platter Boxes

Medium Platter Boxes

Small Platter Boxes

We experienced an immediate shutdown of our corporate & private catering events from the first COVID19 lockdown. It hasn't improved much since, however from July 2021 we are seeing signs of recovery with a few business orders coming through. It seems that some business meetings, staff meetings and private functions are on the rise. We have missed the revenue from this side of our food service business immensely and welcome its return. Now is the time for you to reflect on your packaging use for these types of events. Now more than ever we are asked to provide environmentally friendly recyclable packaging. Using responsibly produced recyclable packaging is now as cost effective as the alternative. It will please your clients and say much about you as a business. I encourage you to take a lead in this and hopefully your actions will steer others to follow suit. Food2Go business is responsible and criticised for an enormous amount of packaging waste. We are in an era now where we can make a difference by making the right choice. Colpac are market leaders and provide you with a functional alternative. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these products please ask for assistance.