Hot Takeaway Food Packaging

However good your takeaway food is at the point of cooking, it will have no bearing on what it will eat like after a couple of hours in a hot display cabinet. Quality takeaway packaging will make a world of difference to your sales. Our range of Colpac sustainable and recyclable hot food packaging has been created with your customer in mind. The packaging should protect your food items from drying out, but also allow it to breath. No one wants a soggy panini or dried-out toasted sandwich.       

Savori Hot Food Pillow Pack

Colpac - Stagione Kraft Lined Tray

Microwaveable Kraft Multi-Food Box

Hot Food Packaging

Cookpac - Hot Food Packaging


Souper Pots & Lids

Cup Carriers

Takeaway packaging is responsible for your customers final impression of your food at the time they come to eat it. Getting this just right, being recyclable, sustainable and affordable was the challenge for Colpac. Fortunately for you and your customers they succeeded. The popularity of our Savori range is testament to its success. Available in pillow packs and hot food containers there's likely a product to suit. Every product in our takeaway range has been thoughtfully designed to be environmentally friendly and thoroughly tested to be effective in action. Free samples are available on request.