Loyalty Cashback & Referral Program - FAQ

Hi I'm Jenn, the owner of The Sweet Life - Wholesale Online and a fully qualified pastry chef. My own Food2Go business has been trading now for six years. There have been many memorable and exciting moments in my life, none out-rank the joy of having my dream business.

During this time I have used countless companies for fresh produce, packaging materials, online software, epos solutions and larder goods, for in-house use and retail sales.  Doing the work that I love and creating food that I am proud to put my name to is always challenging. I realised early on in my business that when you're serving the same people every day, quality, consistency, reliability and accountability are the key to building lifetime value in my client base.  

I found and used products that are perfect for my industry and understand the importance of a reliable and consistent supply. Sadly this has been lacking for me and I was constantly wasting hours of mine and my staffs time sourcing products that are a vital component to the success of my food-truck and corporate platter business. Even though I was spending a small fortune each month on packaging I rarely felt that I was a valued asset to many of my suppliers.

I am now able to offer you my tried and tested range of products online. I decided to start with our most commonly used products and will be growing this side of the business in a progressive and sustainable manner. I always act on and respect customer feedback, so please do make yourself heard.

I will provide you with a consistent & reliable supply and delivery at favourable rates on all of the products we sell. I will also reward your loyalty with significant cashback on every order you place. I would love for you to refer my business to your own community and are happy to offer you further discounts for every customer you bring to www.wholesaleonline.co.uk

Loyalty Cashback Points (cash value = 10% of purchase inc VAT and delivery)

You must be signed in as a user to receive/use your loyalty points. 

Every order that you place with us accumulates loyalty points that are automatically redeemed when you place your next order.

  • Each point is valued at 1p and you receive 10 points for every pound that you spend. i.e. 10%
  • Loyalty points collected and redeemed can be seen in 'My Account' and in the checkout. They are also on your order confirmation.

Referral Discounts (5% off next order inc VAT and delivery) 

When you pace your first order with us you will be given your own unique 'referral code'. You can pass this on by any means you see fit: Facebook, e-mail on blogs or by mouth.

  • As the referrer you will get a 5% off, single use voucher by email for every business that buys from us using your unique code when they place their first order. This voucher can be redeemed against any future order you place. The more you spend the greater its value.
  • Your referee will also get a 5% off on their first purchase. They must enter your unique code in the checkout to get the discount.


  • Loyalty points are always redeemed on your next order. 
  • 5% discount vouchers are single use and can be used against any future order. The more you spend the more you save.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any voucher that has not been used within 90 days, although it is not our intention to do so at present.
  • Loyalty points and a single discount voucher can be used together against your order.